Setu Bharatam Yojana


TYPE OF YOJANA  :  To construct Rail Over Bridge or Rail Under Bridge at all Unmanned Railway Crossings on National Highways across India.

MINISTRY  :  Ministry Road Transport and Highways


PURPOSE  :  Under the project, as many as 208 rail over and under bridges (ROBs/RUBs) would be constructed at unmanned railway crossings on national highways and 1,500 dilapidated British-era bridges would be widened, rehabilitated or replaced in a phased manner at a cost of ₹208 billion (US$2.9 billion) and ₹300 billion (US$4.2 billion), respectively.

  • Basic aim of this scheme is to make highways safer by removing level railway crossings by 2019 and to build 208 Railway Over Bridges, Railway Under Bridges.

  • Additionally, 1500 old and worn down bridges will be improved by replacing/widening/stregthing in a phased manner at the cost of 30,000 crore.

STRUCTURE  :  The detailed Project Reports have already been received for 73 ROBs and of these 64 ROBs are expected to be sanctioned with an estimated cost of Rs. 5600 crore. More than 1500 old and worn down bridges will also be improved by replacement/widening/strengthening in a phased manner at a cost of about Rs. 30,000 crore.

The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways has also established an Indian Bridge Management System (IBMS) at the Indian Academy for Highway Engineer in Noida, U.P. The aim is to carry out conditions survey and inventorization of all bridges on National Highways in India by using Mobile Inspection Units. 11 consultancy firms have been appointed for this purpose. Inventorization of 50,000 bridges has been done. The first cycle of the survey is expected to be completed by June 2016.  

LAUNCHING  DETAILS  :  Launched by Shri Narendra Modi on  4 March 2016 at New Delhi along with Shri Nitin Gadkari, Minister for Road Transport. 

BENEFICIARIES  :  19 States will be the direct beneficiaries because of 208 Railway Over Bridges which will lead to the development of the states. Citizens of India too are the beneficiaries as there will be reduction in accidents due to level railway crossing removal.

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